OnCore Campus 

Enable Seamless On and Off Campus payments

OnCore Campus (formally DishOut) enables connected campus payment solutions at hundreds of university & corporate campuses along with thousands of participating off-campus merchants nationwide.

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Join our ever-expanding network of more than 250+ campus clients and off-campus merchants and discover how OnCore can improve your bottom line.

OnCore’s Products Help Power Campus Commerce

OnCore delivers catered payment solutions and technology packages for campus partners and participating off-campus merchants, all powered by our leading payment platform DishOut.

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Take advantage of OnCore’s Campus Connect program and enjoy benefits including:  

Easy and convenient payments

Our solutions make it easy for students, employees, and merchants to conduct commerce, both on and off campus. Enabling student and employee ID cards or mobile payment apps to pay for food, drinks, merchandise, and more with just a tap.

Loyalty and rewards programs

Our loyalty and rewards programs help you earn points or discounts for every purchase you make. You can also build on your program to enjoy exclusive benefits, such as early access to sales and events.

Connecting campuses and communities

Our solutions connect university and corporate campuses to the surrounding community. This makes it easier for students and employees to spend money in the local economy, which can benefit businesses and the community.

A more connected and vibrant campus community

Our solutions help to create a more connected and vibrant campus community. By making it easy for students, employees, and merchants to interact with each other, we can help to build a stronger sense of community engagement.